Cast – #Adulting


Doug Galford: Doug is a develop for the mobile app company Thumb Prince. A lifelong New Yorker, he is both finely attuned to the subtleties of New York living and completely out of his element when considering how everyone else survives with the in the city. Doug is married to Sarah Galford and works alongside Sarah’s brother Ogai Manmitsu.



Sarah Galford: Both the equal and opposite of her husband Doug, Sarah is the brains of their operation. While she’s worked almost every job imaginable, she currently works as a vet tech while she decides if being a veterinarian is the career for her.



Ogai Manmitsu: Sarah’s older brother. Ogai, or O, as he is known by most, is a man of bold decisions…that is until the slightest bit of doubt creeps up. O has recently taken up a job at Thumb Prince alongside his brother-in-law, Doug. Along with his fiancée, Rose, the pair has just moved into a new place in one of the most popular neighborhoods in the city.



Rose Guerra: Rose just arrived in Brooklyn all the way from New Jersey. Rose, a personal assistant to a publishing agent, has recently rented a small apartment with her fiancé, Ogai, in Brooklyn’s trendiest neighborhood and is looking to live the full New York experience.




Ashley Higgins: after too many years living with her parents, Ashley is ready to set out on her own. Unfortunately, with work prospect not looking great, “on her own” means living with the only two people she knows who are in need of a roommate, Mitch and Brock.




Mitch and Brock: Ashley’s roommates. The last people who should ever be living together.